Roofing Contractors In Portland Oregon – Hiring Guidelines

Roofing Contractors In Portland Oregon

Hiring Guidelines Research To Hire Roofing Contractors In Portland Oregon

Before our roofing contractors in Portland Oregon can be of any real service to you and your family read this first. It’s important that you evaluate a few important hiring guidelines first. We put this research document together for you to help you decide whats important before hiring Portland roofing contractors.

Portland Roofers take on choosing and hiring a solid roofer to either repair or replace your roof.

Question and Answers.

  1. Do I even need a new roof replacement?

  2. How much should this roofing cost?

  3. Do I need multiple roof repair bids?

  4. Can I get roofing done in the rain?

  5. What if I have to work and no one is home?

  6. What about my landscape plants and stuff?

  7. Can I see examples of the roofing material we’ll use?

1. Do I even need a new roof replacement?

We see this question asked all the time and for good reason. There are many Portland roofing companies out there that have no problem trying to sell a new roof to unsuspecting home owners. We believe that if you don’t need a new roof, you need to know this. So, our very first step is to inspect your roof thoroughly to see if your roof is in good shape or not. To do this accurately, we’ll first need to know the age of the roof, any damages, and check the roof underlayment. Also, we’ll check the roof for soft spots. This preliminary discovery work will go a very long way in assessing the true quality of the current roof. Roofing contractors in Portland Oregon are plentiful so, be sure to have the roofer inspect everything carefully.

2. How much should this roofing cost?

This question comes up all the time as well. There isn’t a clear answer to this question either. But, there are many resources online that you can use to gauge potential costs. One of them is That website will give you a good idea on average costs to replace your roof. However, it’s important to note that roof pitch and the number of layers can attribute to the overall costs of the roof as well. Some roofs that are steep require roofers to tie off or use harness equipment to comply with OSHA roofing safety rules.

Also, each layer of tear-off demands the per square costs to double in some instances. So, a roof with three layers of roofing material will cost 3 times as much to replace. How? If tear off costs are $100 per square and you have 3 layers, then a roof tear off can go up to $300sq.ft. or $100 X 3 = $300sq. for the tear-off portion. Here at Portland Roofers, we apply a discount so you don’t have to pay for this large tear-off layer fee. Don’t let these shysters take you for a ride. Call on our Portland roofers to make sure you are being treated fairly.

3. Do I need multiple roof repair bids?

In almost every case, it is not necessary to compile a list of roof repair bids. For the most part, most roofers just don’t have the time. Small repairs and fixes are a major issue in the roofing industry. There are more roof repair calls coming in than any other type of roofing project. To be honest, most roofing companies won’t mess with a $400 repair. There is no real profit, especially considering taxes, workman’s comp fees and all the other overhead to run a business. Most roofers will come to the repair site and request to do the work immediately. In most cases, it’s better to have him fix the roof while he is up there. If you manage to get a roofer out for a small repair, hire him on the spot!

4. Can I get roofing done in the rain?

In Oregon, we have rain a lot. If we had to wait until the weather cleared, we’d never get any work done. You see roofers working in the rain all the time. is it dangerous? No, not at all. Roofers know how to navigate a roof in the rain, and if a roofing harness is required we’ll put one on. Some roofs are slimy with moss, especially in Oregon. We’ll assess the condition of the roof first before we begin work. In most cases, tearing off an existing roof to install a new roof has no barriers to overcome, even in the rain. Roofs normally come off from the top down. Also, we will use tarps, where required, as we progress if the rain is heavy. Your home will always be safe from damage when we replace your roof.

5. What if I have to work and no one is home?

Normally, the homeowner does not need to be home to replace a roof as roofers will be outside during the entire project. In some cases, bathroom breaks are necessary so, we try to use a porta-potty. Also, this will be discussed prior to the signing of the contract. It’s important that homeowners feel secure when the roofing work is being done and know items won’t come up missing. Coordinating a successful roof repair or roof installation is a key to a successful completion.

6. What about my landscape plants and stuff?

Most roofing contractors have a proactive approach at securing the homes exterior plant life from damages. But, there are some roofing companies that won’t ensure the plants and shrubs are covered. You’ll need to make sure the roofing contractors you hire will protect your properties plant life. Landscaping is expensive, and most homeowners are sensitive to ensuring the plants survive falling debris from a roof replacement job. At the very minimum, insurance policies are provided to homeowners to ensure they are completely covered.

7. Can I see examples of the roofing material we’ll use?

Portland Roofers has a policy in place to bring sample roofing material to the job site when making first contact. But first, we’ll review images from the manufacturers website to determine the type of materials to use for the project. There are many roof replacement companies out there that won’t take the time to be thorough. Most homeowners are impressed when they can touch and feel the product before making a purchase decision. In fact, it is noted that homeowner will normally shop with the roofing contractor who came prepared with samples from the start.

Other Factors To Consider When Looking For A Roofing Contractor In Portland, Oregon

Roofs are the highest parts of any building and protect things within it. As a homeowner, your roof will ensure the security and safety of your family and belongings. At the same time, it plays a crucial role in ensuring that the elements like rain and sunshine do not damage your things. Without roofs, life would be quite unbearable.

Since people don’t check their roofs every day, it goes without saying that the measures to ensure that a roof is in excellent condition are rarely followed. A lack of proper roof maintenance means that most roofs never last as long as they were intended to. And while roof maintenance is something you could do on your own, it is advisable that you have an expert check and maintain your roof.

Roofing contractors in Portland Oregon play a vital role in ensuring that your roof is good condition. Their services are not only advisable for current homeowners but are also great for anyone who is looking to build a new home. The contractor erecting your roof will determine how well it stands the test of time and the elements. If you live in Portland, Oregon, and are in need of roofing solutions, consider hiring the services of professional roofing contractors Portland Roofers.

Finding trustworthy roofing contractors in Portland Oregon can be hard. However, with the right information, hiring someone dependable won’t be that hard. Here is a look at some of the things you should consider when looking to engage the services of roofing contractors in Portland Oregon.

1. Experience

A contractor’s experience should be one of the first things you consider when searching for roofing solutions. You don’t want to work with a professional that does not have plenty of hands-on knowledge and involvement when it comes to roof construction, maintenance, and repair. Therefore, it is vital to consider the number of years the roofer you are considering has been in business. Why? Well, because it will take a roofing contractor several years before they can handle different roofing issues without a problem.

Roofing contractors in Portland oregon that have been offering roofing services for several years have obviously performed annual maintenance works on roofs that they previously installed. As such, they know which practices and tools are best to use in different situations. As such, if you are looking for solutions you can rely on, then consider hiring the services of a seasoned roofing contractor.

2. License, Insurance and bond

It is important to ensure that the Portland roofing contractor you hire is licensed, bonded and insured. As with any other job, anything could go wrong during the installation or maintenance of your roof. In the event an accident happens, you need to rest assured that you and your home are covered. Should any of your contractor’s workers get hurt while working on your roof, or should any of your belongings get damaged during the process, the company will be the one providing compensation and not you.

Also, ensure that the contractor is licensed if you want a perfectly done job. Before roofing contractors in portland oregon can be licensed to provide roofing solutions, they will have to have these qualities: 1. undergone formal training, 2. passed several tests, 3. know the industry very well, and 4. have worked on several contracts already.

3. Roofing Warranty

Roofing warranty is another vital thing to consider when looking for a roofing contractors in Portland Oregon. Choose a service provider who provides a warranty for the services they offer; ensure that the following warranties accompany their roofing installation:
– Manufacturer warranty ” this warranty covers you against defective roofing materials
– Workmanship warranty ” this warranty covers you against any installation mistakes the contractor will make.
It is vital that you go for a professional who stands behind their work. You do not want to pay someone for errors that you never had anything to do with.

4. Responsiveness

There are several instances (for instance, when a roof is blown off by wind or tree falls on it) where the services of a roofer will be required urgently. In such instances, getting in touch with a professional who responds fast could mean a world of difference. Therefore, it is important to consider how responsive a roofing contractor is, how fast can they respond to your emergency call? You want someone who will be there within the shortest time possible to restore the sanctity of your shelter as fast as possible.

When contacting a roofing contractors in Portland Oregon, consider the amount of time he’ll take to respond. A roofing services provider who responds within the shortest time possible and offers the type of services you want is one who you can trust during an emergency. Also, consider finding out if they have service trucks that they can use to get to your place promptly.

5. Roofing Services Offered

Considering that there are different roof styles and types, it is advisable that you go for roofing contractors in Portland Oregon who has a reputation for providing quality services. Find out if the roofer can erect or work on more than one roofing type. When considering roofing contractors in Portland Oregon services, discuss your roofing needs and ask for advice on what roof type will be most appropriate for your case. Depending on the advice the roofing contractor you are considering provides, it will be easy to know if they are people you can trust to deliver the kind of results you want. The most important thing is that the roof you get is durable enough to avoid frequent and costly roof repairs.

6. Credentials

When looking for roofing contractors in Portland Oregon you can trust, it is vital to ensure that they have all the necessary credentials. Consider if the contractor is certified by manufacturers or at the very least, have testimonials of local residents who have hired them. Certification and 5 star reviews mean that they are a service provider who’s been tried and tested and have proven to be dependable when it comes to delivering lasting results.

Also, consider learning more about your preferred roofing contractors in Portland Oregon by searching for online reviews to find out what people who have used their services before have to say. Positive reviews show that they are a service provider you can trust and rely on.

When looking for roofing contractors in Portland Oregon, considering the above tips will expedite your search for the right roofer and will considerably ease things for you.

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