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How Much Will It Cost To Replace My Roof in Portland?

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To start our roof replacement cost calculator guide, we know there are many projects that may need to be done around the home. Also,we know one of the more expensive issues is when the roof needs replacement. That being said, it’s also important to have it done because a bad roof can result in many more problems.

Also, including the possibility of moisture infiltration, mold and even damage to the structure of the home. So, if you are a homeowner in Portland, Oregon and are facing a roof replacement, you likely have many roofing questions. Finally, one of the more common questions, however, is in regards to the average roof replacement cost.

So, as is the case with any type of home repair, it is difficult to give a specific figure on how much you would pay.  Furthermore, to have a roof repaired or replaced, there are many different factors that could be associated with the cost.

Also, to get a general idea of how much it cost for roof replacement you can use an online calculator, USE:

Homewyse.  Is A Great Roof Replacement Costs Calculator You Can Use Too.

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Watch This Roof Replacement Cost Calculator Guide Video To Get A Good Idea On How To Determine Your Roofing Costs

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Asphalt Shingle Roof Cost Calculator

The asphalt shingle roof replacement cost calculator above is a simple example on how to get an average cost to replace your asphalt roof. Also, our Portland Roofers know it can help you get a general idea of what you will spend.  You may want to look at a more in depth roofing cost calculator video explanation over here.

However, the price may differ according to these following various options:

The Extent of Damage

First, is it necessary to do any work on the structure of the home? Or, is it simply a tear off and replacement of the existing roof? Furthermore, the homeowner may not know about the specifics of what is needed until after the tear-off takes place. Finally, if any major structural issues are discovered, it could affect the price of the roof repair significantly.

Roofing Material

Second, there is also a significant difference in price from one type of roofing material to another. If you are using three-tab asphalt shingles, which are the most popular choice, the cost may be somewhat low. On the other hand, if you’re going with slate or another more expensive option, you can expect to pay more.


Third, there are going to be variations in what the roofing contractors charge to replace the roof. Also, it may differ according to the amount of work that is available and the experience of the roof replacement contractor. Finally, it’s not always the best decision to choose a roofing contractor based on price alone.

Therefore, if you’re just looking for an average roof replacement in Portland, Oregon? Then, you are likely looking at a price of $6000, give or take. There is something else that you can do, however, that will get you a more accurate number.

This one is important…

You can simply contact a roofing contractor in Portland to come out and give you an estimate. They can do more than simply calculate the amount that will be spent on the roof. They can give you actual costs right then and there!

Finally, they can also look at the roof and determine if any underlying issues would cause an increase in the price. In conclusion, you can then make the decision as to whether to go ahead with the roof replacement or not.

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